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Rep. Markkanen: Good Jobs 2.0 another unwanted remake
RELEASE|February 13, 2024

State Rep. Greg Markkanen today spoke out against the governor’s Good Jobs 2.0 program currently being considered by the House Economic Development and Small Business Committee. This proposal double downs on the governor’s failing strategy of hunting for big corporations while overlooking Michigan-based small businesses and ignoring any real economic development strategy.

“The governor’s new Good Jobs 2.0 proposal has a lot in common with Hollywood’s recent obsession with remaking classic movies; the only difference being, unlike many of the movies, the original Good Jobs program was terrible too,” said Markkanen, R-Hancock. “Michigan doesn’t need to lure coastal corporations into our state so we can have more big fancy ribbon cutting events. We need a real economic development strategy to support our struggling small businesses across Michigan.”

The original Good Jobs program in 2017 is widely considered a failure. Despite totaling nearly $200 million in corporate handouts, no verified jobs were created from the program. The Good Jobs 2.0 package forces companies to use median wage requirements, severely restricting their ability to meet the program standards. The plan also does not contain any legislative oversight measures, substantive claw-back provisions, or other methods to increase transparency with taxpayer dollars.

“The original Good Jobs program quite literally spent $200 million on nothing,” Markkanen said. “Taxpayers didn’t gain anything from their investment. Yet, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer examined it and decided she wanted to revive the failed program. I can only assume her goal is to build her national profile by brushing shoulders with left-wing CEOs who will likely never expand into Michigan.”

House Republicans have been calling for the state to invest time and resources in developing an economic growth plan for Michigan. The Republican goal is to foster a healthy and prosperous business atmosphere that uplifts current Michigan companies and attracts new ones along with their families.

“I sure hope the governor doesn’t own plants,” Markkanen said. “If she treats them anything like she treats the economy, they really need to be watered. Right now, she’s too busy at the store looking for the next perennial when she needs to care for the plants she already has. Michigan businesses must take priority. The governor must get off the national stage and help find real solutions back home.”


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